What is Tree Therapy?

What is Tree Therapy?
Tree Therapy is an energetic connection between the energy of trees and the biochemical energy of human beings. When both energies have contact, a kind of healing develops where the purest energy heals the other. In this case, the energy of the trees is the purest on the planet, therefore, it helps us to re-establish the unbalanced energies that we have. These damaged energies of the target in question, (call person, animal or thing) are transmuted to the earth through their roots and the mother earth returns it to the tree without defects, and this in turn, directs it to the body of the human being , who in turn will feel the relief of the healing or the beginning of it.

The book titled: «Tree Therapy» written by the journalist and writer Ana María Toribio, is already in amazòn.com. It is a self-help book where not only embracing the tree benefits are achieved, but through other different ways that will help you solve many of your common situations in your life. We recommend you read it because, for sure, it will change your life.

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