TO ALL MY FRIENDS I MET IN 1964, first group to attend the NYPD Police Academy….by Donald Haggerty 10 septiembre, 2018

By Donald Haggerty

We were fortunate in that we were the first group in a long time to attend the NYPD Police Academy.

I wanted to capture these memories in a newspaper. of my talented and appreciated friend Ana Maria Toribio, was chosen.

I must confess that I almost forgot to make note of the anniversary of the appointment of  my recruit class. But when I do, it continues to amaze me just how long ago that was. But honestly, that time went fast.
    It was on this date, September 9, 1964. I’ll do the math for you. It was 54 years ago.
For you active duty people, take note of what you’re doing. Because you’ll wake up one day and it will be retirement day for you also.
    I look back and know that I had a very varied career over my 36 years. And yet, it’s now so distant, that it’s hard to reconcile my age now with what I did back then.
    Below is our recruit class being sworn in on the steps of City Hall. Thanks to the new Public Safety Commissioner Dan McMahon, we were the first group, of many to come, in his determination to greatly increase the size of the YPD.
    In the photo below, first row L-R is, a 23 year old Rutledge, then John «Mitch» Meade, Vinny Patalano, City Mgr William Walsh, Comm. McMahon, John «Jackie» Weise,  Tony Bisaccia (Dec), Joe «Vee» Vergalitto, and Tony Troia (switched to the YFD).
    2nd Row L-R Frank Fernandes, Nick DiMase (Dec), Lawrence Richardson (left in middle of school to join NYPD), Gerry Curtis, James Curtis (switched to YFD), Richard Denton, Vito Parisi.
    Back Row L-R   Bob Cannon, John Neider, Steve Kogan, Mike Leonard (Res after 14 months) Paul «Hugh» Kelly, James Harrington (Resigned after 8 months)
    We were fortunate in that we were the first group in a long time to attend the NYPD Police Academy.
    Strangers one and all who all became very good friends who shared experiences that are now long forgotten or appreciated.
Here’s To Us, And Those Like Us !!!!!
In memory of Det Nick DiMase and Tony Bisaccia.
Ana Maria Toribio /
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