By Ana Maria Toribio

My friends from, an emotional greeting for all of you. Today in the celebration of Earth Day I want to share with you my reality, my experiences, my experiences and my emotional and physical changes since I began to practice the healing with the energy of the trees.

I will begin with the most recent testimony which occurred yesterday Sunday. I woke up with severe pain at the root of my spine. I couldn’t bend over to tie my tennis shoelaces, I couldn’t get out of my bed without feeling a strong pain in my spine, I couldn’t walk like I normally do, I couldn’t make sudden or rapid movements with my hips, anyway, I felt strong discomfort in my spine that changed the expression on my face.

My life partner, Dilone Méndez, helped me with the simple and daily activity of tying my tennis shoelaces and, also, putting cream on my feet and legs because of the shorts I was wearing and I had to protect my skin from ultraviolet rays . After the kindness of my cooperator, I headed to Fort Tryon Park, my favorite and closest to my home.
I thought that, within nature, I would ask for the help of a specialist in these matters that had to do with bones. And I had no doubts, when I chose the tree of my dream, this tree was responsible for me writing my first book entitled «The Tree Therapy», that’s why I named it by that name, because I saw it in my dreams. This tree was also the one that made me the fifth lumbar that had broken me in a fall three years ago when falling down the steps of my building and being unable to move. Back then I hugged that tree and asked her please to give me her energy to heal my spine or what happened in it, which prevented me from walking normally. He healed me after several therapies attending him and without consulting any other traditional specialist. So this time, I went straight to him.

Upon arrival, the first thing I did was mentally tell him why he was there. Glue my back to its bark. I closed my eyes and concentrated on asking him for his intervention to heal my spine and walking power and do all my activities without any discomfort. I reminded him that I believed in him why he once cured my ailments. So 15 minutes passed. I tried to go down, pretending to want to tie my shoelaces and I could do it, I sat down on a stone to see if I could do it without discomfort and I did it. I knew it was ready, but I wanted to reinforce the healing a little more and hugged it for 5 more minutes. In total, in 20 minutes I was healthy, without pain in my spine and ready for my daily activities.

Anyway, and to take advantage of even more the energy that these divine beings of nature emanate, I went to another side of the park, after saying goodbye and giving deep thanks to my Dr. Tree. I lay down on a bench surrounded by trees and taking the cool breeze they provided for about 20 more minutes. Then I got up from there and I got to my apartment and I said to my partner: “Did you see how I got sore? Now look how I arrived happy and ready for us to go for a walk. ”

I suggest to you my friends from, to be open minded and to try alternative therapies, which are many, because they all have a lot to offer and do not cause side effects, nor are they against any religious or spiritual beliefs.

At another time I will tell you about more experiences from me and other people who have tried tree therapy.

Happy Earth Day.



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